Project ManagEment 

Vancouver Island Health Authority, Mental Health and Addictions Services

Wave oversaw the implementation of $6.47 million in new mental health and addictions services entailing nineteen individual projects across Vancouver Island. Wave's project management services included: work plans addressing program definition and design; policy development; program implementation; finance, administration and information systems management; communications planning; human resources planning; monitoring and evaluation. We also developed project management support tools for managers, enhancing their abilities to implement projects on time, and on target.

Wave developed a comprehensive evaluation framework encompassing process, project and systemic evaluation components. In addition to evaluating the implementation of the new services, the framework was designed to be used for all mental health and addictions services. For further information on this project, please contact Dr. Kenneth Moselle, Manager, Performance Standards and Monitoring, Vancouver Island Health Authority, Mental Health and Addictions Services.

City of Victoria, Parks, Recreation and Community Development Department 

Wave Consulting Ltd was awarded the contract for arts consulting services to develop and implement two new community arts programs for the City of Victoria. The consultant researched similar programs in other jurisdictions, developed program criteria and guidelines, designed application and reporting forms, developed terms of reference and facilitated the Community Arts Advisory Committee, prepared brochure and news release content and organized and facilitated a public program launch. Future work will include proposal review and short-listing, facilitation of adjudication, notification of successful applicants, and development of a long-term funding strategy. 

“Dyan has completed the first part of the Community Arts contract for the City of Victoria with dedication and style. She exceeded expectations in program delivery and helped us launch the Community Arts Initiative of the Cultural Capitals on time and with great panache.”

Gail Price Douglas, Community Development Planner.

Western Canada Family Child Care Association (WCFCCA) 

Western Canada Family Child Care Association engaged Wave Consulting to manage a leadership project entitled “Strengthening, Mentoring and Supporting New Leaders in the Family Child Care Sector to Promote and Enhance Quality.” The goals of the project were to: 

•  Support WCFCCA in taking a leadership and mentorship role in the development of new community leaders within the family child care sector; 

•  Develop the capacities of member group leaders; 

•  Provide tools for leadership; and, 

•  Develop a marketing/promotion strategy to support the family child care sector and advance the understanding of quality family child care services. 

The project activities included: 

•  Development of a marketing/promotion strategy; 

•  Development of leadership tools; and, 

•  Provision of two workshops for family child care leaders to build their capacity as leaders and mentors in their home communities. 

More than 30 family child leaders from six communities in the province took part in two weekend workshops aimed at providing information about child care issues, developing a shared understanding of values and beliefs regarding family child care, developing leadership skills, sharing tools and increasing capacity to mentor other leaders in their communities. 

Wave developed a marketing and promotions strategy which has been used to create public information about family child care and to express the Association's position on various issues concerning child care.

“MaryLynne Rimer of Wave Consulting has been working with WCFCCA of BC of more than 2 years. She started contracting for WCFCCA of BC with the Child Care Resource and Referral Project and with the tremendous work that she facilitated she was very instrumental in the sustainability of the CCRR's and West Coast Child Care Resource Centre.

We, at WCFCCA of BC, have great respect for MaryLynne Rimer and are pleased we had the opportunity to hire her to facilitate our family child care leadership training. We were able to bring 35 family child care providers together and this is what they had to say: 

More than excellent, very impressive; You have given the family child care sector a collective strong voice; inclusive, empowering and respectful; MaryLynne, you are a great presenter, I like your voice. You are very respectful and focused and goal-oriented; I was pleased with the networking opportunities and knowledge of the facilitator. I learned so much. We all achieved the common goal of the weekend “ 

Caregiver Connection

Western Canada Family Child Care Association of BC newsletter