Organizational Development

Public engagement

Ministry of Mental Health & Addictions

Wave designed and facilitated Minister Judy Darcy’s first public engagement session upon her appointment in October 2017. During the spring and summer of 2018, Wave supported the Ministry’s provincial public engagement project to develop a new Mental Health & Addictions Strategy for BC.

“We have been fortunate to work with Dyan, Chloe and the great team at Wave on two projects related to mental health and addictions. Wave has a unique ability to pair compassion with quality, which makes them stand out. Whether they are supporting us with facilitating large events, or producing detailed reports their attention to detail and intimate knowledge of our complex subject matter always shines through.”

Regan Hansen
Director, Partnerships and Engagement Branch
Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions
BC Government

Strategic Planning

Burnside-Gorge Community Association 

Wave planned and facilitated a strategic planning session with the Board of Directors and senior staff of a community association serving a diverse residential and commercial inner-city neighbourhood. We then prepared a strategic directions document that profiles the BGCA's vision and outlines a plan enabling the association to achieve its goals over the next three years.

"We found Dyan Dunsmoor-Farley's presentation and assistance to be both professional and friendly. Dyan did an excellent job of preparation and facilitation of our strategic planning and really helped set us on a clear course. She has strong facilitation skills and returned a great document summarizing the proceedings and directions and how we were going to get to where we wanted to be. Her superior organizational skills transferred to our organization through this work and we are grateful for the time she spent with us."

Dean Fortin, Director

Housing Affordability Partnership (HAP)

HAP is a consortium of community, government and business organizations promoting housing affordability in the Capital Regional District. HAP associates required a strategic plan that would refocus and direct their collaborative efforts; a plan all partners could support. With this goal in mind, Wave planned, facilitated and documented a strategic planning session. 

"The Housing Affordability Partnership contracted WAVE Consulting to facilitate a strategic planning session. WAVE was able to draw out the common thinking and vision from a very diverse group, condense the discussion into a concise usable draft, make amendments and then deliver the final report in a timely manner. Their thoughtful, efficient and pleasant way of working helped us to focus our work more effectively on our strengths and on clear objectives. HAP regularly applies the wording in the report as we continue to try to find solutions to the challenging and complex issues surrounding housing affordability in BC's Capital Region."

Mabel Jean Rawlins-Brennan, Executive Director

Victoria Cool-Aid Society
The Victoria Cool-Aid Society engaged Wave Consulting to plan, facilitate and document planning activities bringing together downtown Victoria service providers and representatives of downtown businesses. The purpose of the initiative was to create an action plan to address issues related to homelessness in the downtown core. Two sessions were held over a one-week period resulting in an action plan outlining five strategic directions which the organizations could collectively and individually work on over the next few years.

"WAVE Consulting, through Dyan Dunsmoor-Farley, assisted the Victoria Downtown Service Providers Group with developing a strategic approach to the health and social issues for the downtown street-entrenched and homeless population. Dyan provided clear and supportive facilitation in a span of just four hours and helped us identify, prioritize, and define five main projects. The projects are now underway and moving toward implementation. We look forward to working with WAVE again in the future when we need challenging and dynamic facilitation." 

Community Social Planning Council of Greater Victoria

Wave Consulting assisted the Council's board and staff to identify strategic directions to guide the organization over the next five years. 

"I would highly recommend Dyan to anyone looking for a facilitator for their group's strategic planning session. She has a very practical approach to planning and knows how to strike the right balance between inclusiveness and taking charge to ensure the process yields a useable product!" 

Sandra Bjola, President, Community Social Planning Council

City of Victoria, Community Development Division
Wave Consulting was engaged to facilitate a condensed strategic planning session with Community Development Division staff. The session looked at the work of the Division within the context of the changing external and internal environment. The results, including potential future strategic directions, were documented.

"Staff in the Community Development Division, of the City of Victoria's Parks, Recreation & Community Development Department, consciously chose to engage Wave Consulting in a review of the Division's core business functions. Dyan Dunsmoor-Farley facilitated the session which was fast-paced, focused and resulted in the staff setting key directions and priorities for future work. Dyan's personal and engaging style was identified as a definite asset in the discussions." 

Wendy Zink, Manager
Community Development Division 

City of Victoria, Planning Division

Wave Consulting Ltd's Dyan Dunsmoor-Farley, was engaged by the Victoria City Planning Division to facilitate a half-day session examining its current working environment in preparation for an organizational review. The session involved an environmental scan, clarification of our shared values, mandate and mission and more. This ambitious, "time-challenged' session, involving all 12 staff members took place in the city's (non-air-conditioned) City Parks Division training room on the warmest day of the summer.

"Throughout the exercise, Dyan exhibited her practical, inclusive style. She has excellent listening skills, an ability to draw out ideas through her perceptive questions, flexibility and adaptability. She also demonstrated good report writing ability in her summary document - delivered in a timely fashion. I have no hesitation in recommending her services."

Doug Koch, Manager, City Planning Division

City of Victoria, Mayor and Council

The City Manager engaged Wave Consulting Ltd to facilitate strategic planning sessions with the Mayor and Council to ensure the Council's strategic plan was aligned with the objectives of downtown revitalization. 

"Dyan was very helpful in facilitating Council in the update of the City's strategic plan. We've worked with Dyan on projects in the past, and she is always a consummate professional with a remarkable ability to facilitate a large group with flexibility and flair. Her approach is accommodating and friendly, yet focused on delivering results." 

 Joe Martignago
City Manager, City of Victoria 

Pacifica Housing Society 

Pacifica Housing Society engaged Wave Consulting Ltd to plan and facilitate a day-long strategic planning session with staff and produce a comprehensive strategic action plan based on the session. 

"Having participated in sessions facilitated by Dyan Dunsmoor-Farley (Wave Consulting), I was impressed with her skills and ability to keep groups focused on the tasks at hand. So when I needed someone to facilitate a strategic planning session for Pacifica Housing Advisory Association, Dyan was my choice. I wasn't disappointed and neither were the staff. Dyan was prompt, prepared and professional. We accomplished a lot in a short time and we had fun doing it. " 

Karen French, 

Executive Director, Pacifica Housing Advisory Association 

Human Resources Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) 

HRSDC engaged Wave Consulting Ltd to plan, facilitate and report on a strategic planning session with the Victoria Steering Committee on Homelessness. The committee was comprised of federal, provincial, local government and service agency representatives. 

"The Victoria Steering Committee on Homelessness engaged Dyan Dunsmoor-Farley in the fall of 2004 to assist the committee in preparing a strategic plan that would guide the Committee's activities in the subsequent 12-24 months. Dyan had been highly recommended to the Committee by senior management at the City of Victoria. 

This was a challenging task as the Committee is made up of representatives from all three levels of government and a broad cross-section of agencies who work with homeless people. Working with such a diverse group under tight timeframes requires a person to possess tact and yet to be assertive enough at key points in order that objectives for the planning session are realized by and for the group. Dyan was very effective in this role and was instrumental to the overall success of the initiative. 

There were two particular areas of effectiveness. First, Dyan interviewed several members of the Committee before the strategic planning day to gain a good understanding of the issues and personalities ‘at play'. Second, Dyan adjusted the agenda and activities of the planning process throughout the day to reflect the input provided by committee members. Her flexibility in this regard was an important element in a successful process. 

I can heartily recommend Dyan for strategic planning and facilitation work. She is thoroughly professional, hard-working, fun to work with and - most of all - she gets results. " 

Andrew Lane 

Regional Manager, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada 

Co-chair, Victoria Steering Committee on Homelessness. 

BC Housing 

Wave Consulting Ltd was engaged by BC Housing to assist the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Homelessness to develop a strategy to strengthen the existing linkages between housing, health and other support services. Wave planned, facilitated and provided records of decision for committee meetings. In consultation with the Committee, Wave developed a draft homelessness strategy including the development of key principles and best practices in addressing homelessness based on an analysis of homelessness initiatives in other jurisdictions. 

"Wave planned and facilitated a two day strategic planning workshop for the Premier's Task Force on Homelessness working group comprising provincial government, local government and service provider representatives from across BC. In addition to the formal strategic planning activities, the session included site visits to five different models of shelter and support. " 

Margaret McNeil, BC Housing Direction of Operations, would be pleased to provide more information on this project.

Ministry of Health

The Communicable Disease and Addictions Prevention Branch contracted Wave Consulting Ltd. to develop a strategic framework to guide the development of the provincial immunization program over a five-year period. As the project consultant, Dyan Dunsmoor-Farley conducted stakeholder consultations, facilitated strategic planning sessions, and developed the BC Immunization Strategic Framework. The second phase of the project involved conducting provincial stakeholder consultations to confirm the directions proposed in the strategic framework. 

Ministry of Health

Wave Consulting was contracted by the Ministry of Health to coordinate the development of a strategic framework to renew the provincial response to viral hepatitis and improve engagement of the populations living with the greatest vulnerability to these diseases. This work included: 

  • convening steering committee sessions for the purposes of gathering input, direction and content for a draft framework;

  • development and revision of the framework as required based on input, direction and content provided by the province, key stakeholders, and the steering committee;

  • convening 19 meetings, each 3-4 hours in length, with stakeholder groups in 17 different locations across BC in order to gather further input and feedback on the document; and

  • producing a final draft of the framework reflecting all thoughts and ideas collected.

"Dyan Dunsmoor-Farley was the project lead on behalf of Wave throughout the development process. Time and time again, Dyan proved herself a significant asset to this project, demonstrating a sizable facilitation skill set, an ability to guide complex and, at times, heated discussions in an inclusive and productive manner, and a fundamental respect for and ability to appropriately engage some of the most marginalized individuals and population groups in our society. 

Throughout a challenging and somewhat organic set of steps that led to the final draft framework, Dyan remained highly focused and organized. This was of particular benefit during the intensive consultation process that involved shopping the framework out to over 17 different communities. She was able to effectively leap into this work with little in the way of prior content knowledge about these diseases, and help to craft what I am convinced will be an important strategic framework for the ministry and the province. 

It is actually difficult for me to imagine how we could have accomplished this work without Dyan's skilful assistance. " 

Stephen Smith, 

Manager, Blood Borne Pathogens
Communicable Disease and Addictions Prevention 

Ministry of Health 

Ministry of Health

The Tobacco Control Program engaged Wave Consulting Ltd to facilitate a consultation with retail and business stakeholders regarding proposed regulatory changes under the Tobacco Sales Act and Tobacco Tax Act. Dyan Dunsmoor-Farley worked with program staff from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Small Business and Revenue to develop the session program and agenda, facilitated a half-day session and prepared session notes and a consolidated report of session findings. 

Ministry of Forests and Range

The Housing Policy Branch contracted with Wave Consulting Ltd to plan, organize and facilitate ten forums with mayors, councilors and planning staff from across the province regarding the issue of homelessness in their communities. Project consultant, Dyan Dunsmoor-Farley, provided a summary of discussions for each session and produced a summary report outlining key findings. Phase Two of the project involves hosting and reporting on web-forums with community partners across the province using Webex web forum technology. 

Downtown Service Providers

The Downtown Service Providers is a collaborative of voluntary, government and business organizations seeking better ways of working with homeless people in downtown Victoria.  Wave Consulting has assisted the organization with strategic planning activities over the past five years.

“Your help to the DSP is deeply appreciated. You helped us come to birth, and have watched us grow over the years, always guiding us, gently pushing us and yet, at the same time reminding us of our successes and the talent we have around the table.”  

Reverend Allen Tysick.

Committee Chair